Farm Visit and Animal Petting

AZ Farm has an ever changing family of animals on site throughout the year. Our current family includes our 30+ Boer, Nubian, Banubian and Nigerian dwarf goats, a beautiful Arabian horse, two miniature horses, three Alpacas with personalities, and our mascot "Buddy" the steer. All our animals are people friendly.

Private Events

AZ Farm is home to 24 acres of Loudoun County's finest landscape. This allows our family to host private events on our property for those looking for a fun venue for parties, barbecues, and lessons.

High School Volunteering Opportunities

AZ Farm is community driven and so we value all of our volunteers that come from all over the county. We have had the pleasure of working with young students from the local High Schools, where in turn we have been able to help them meet their volunteering requirements for graduation and college applications.

Book now

Our small farm is lucky to have a lot of positive attention these past few years. Book early and in advance so that we can best accommodate your needs.