Our Story

AZ Farm is a small private farm located in Chantilly, VA, part of Loudoun County, surrounded by a very large development. Our family moved to the area 22 years ago when there was nothing around, and just farms surrounded us. Since then the dynamic of the whole area has evolved and become home to very fast growing communities.

AZ Farm is family run, community driven, and animal inspired. We hope to preserve our small piece of the Northern Virginia landscape, and invite others in our community to explore the wonderful world of farm culture.

Our Philosophy

We pride our selves on the growing diversity of our farm family that include a variety of animals and their unique personalities. Our present family includes steer, horses, miniature horses, alpacas, goats, chickens and ducks. We hope that this family continues to grow to include our cherished neighbors, friends, and guests of the farm.

Since we are a small farm, we like to keep all our services to the client community personal and that ensures the experiences are always warm and memorable for all visitors.

Meet the Team

Here are some of the members of our farm family.



Chief Fertilizing Officer

Buddy brings seven years of farm industry experience. Under his leadership he has been able to increase lawn eating margins 300% year to year, and achieved a new hay consumption milestone of 1000 lbs/week.


"Dr. Chocolate"

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Chocolate is one of three alpacas in our family, but the only one with an advanced degree. We aren't sure for what, so we just made him Chief Medical Officer.

IMG_4019 (2)


Sr. Vice President of Landscaping

Snowball joined the organization during the Blizzard of 2016. He has led the "Eco-friendly Mowing Team" to record growth ever since. The well kept grass is thanks to his innovative approach to lawn care: eating, munching, and having his staff take long breaks.


Ansar and Zareen

Chief Financial Officers

Family is slowly eating us out of house and home.

horse CEO


Sr. Public Relations Manager

With Arabian ancestry, Joker joined the family in 2016, and immediately set the tone for how we engage all our guests. Famous for his comedic timing, he likes to guarantee that all our visitors will leave with a smile.



Co-founder of AZ Farm

 Sheeba, at seven years old, is the matriarch of the family. She first arrived at 3 months old and helped establish the roots of our farm. Her many duties include keeping everyone in the family in line and maintaining a tight ship.


Our small farm has had the pleasure of gaining a lot of attention in the community over the past years. We try our best to accommodate all guests, but ask to contact us ASAP if you're looking to book a visit or plan an event.